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KW-211 “Impressive”

– Two versions: Micro-weigh 5kg/0.1g or 10kg/0.5g

Amazing new model: 


A model for your home with such high-spec’s it could be used commercially


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If you want nothing but the best we have got it, you’ll want one of these!



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RRP $235.66


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Choosing optional adaptor:

We’ve found Jaycar has 6V , 800ma that comes with a selection of plugs which you must be sure to orientate the pins correctly as indicated in the packet to be sure of “center negative polarity” (not as difficult as it may sound!)





Worldwide accuracy with TANITA “Geo-adjust”:


Planet earth has different gravity in different places:  You set your TANITA scale to “A4” for New Zealand to know that your weighing results are the same as anywhere else in the world!


“There is no better weigh than with a TANITA!”